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The National Board of Trade is the Swedish governmental agency responsible for issues relating to foreign trade, the Internal Market and trade policy. Our mission is to promote an open and free trade with transparent rules. 

In Focus


New Report: Economic Effects of the EU Single Market

The European single market has had a significant effect on the increased economic growth and on the trade within the EU, without significant diversion of trade with non-EU countries. These conclusions can be drawn from the available economic research on the effects of the single market, reviewed in a new report by the National Board of Trade.

Barriers to E-Commerce Surveyed

Consumers and businesses should be able to buy and sell goods and services within the EU without facing unjustified barriers – also digitally. Yet there are still barriers holding back cross-border e-commerce within the EU. In a new report, the National Board of Trade has surveyed such barriers.  

Brussels 7 May: National Board of Trade Presents Report on e-commerce

National Board of Trade presents the upcoming report Online Trade, Offline Rules - A Review of Barriers to e-commerce in the EU at the European Business Summit in Brussels in May.

Single Market

The building of the EU-Commission, Brussels, symbolizing the Internal Market The Effects of the Single Market

The National Board of Trade presents a compilation of what international economic research has hitherto found to be the effects of the Single Market on the free movements of goods, services, capital and persons.

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