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Welcome to the National Board of Trade, the Swedish government agency for international trade, the EU Internal Market and trade policy. Our primary task is to improve the opportunities for international trade, and we do this in various different ways.

In Focus


The EU’s free trade agreements are used to a high degree – but untapped potential remains

The EU’s free trade agreements are used to a high degree by companies in the EU and its partner countries. Both sides benefit about equally from duty savings measured as a share of the import value. This is observed by the National Board of Trade Sweden and UNCTAD, the United Nation’s organisation on trade and development, in a new report. The authors Jonas Kasteng of the National Board of Trade Sweden and Stefano Inama of UNCTAD describe its conclusions.

The effect of trade barriers on Swedish and EU exports of goods since 2008

Have Swedish exports of goods been held back due to trade barriers introduced since the financial crisis? According to a new report commissioned by the National Board of Trade Sweden and written by Professor Simon Evenett and Dr. Johannes Fritz of the University of St. Gallen, the answer is yes in relation to China but no in relation to the United States and Japan. Trade within the EU does not...

Success factors and pitfalls in TBT-related development cooperation

In a new report, the National Board of Trade Sweden evaluates its development cooperation and technical assistance activities in the field of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) for the last ten years. The evaluation maps out both success factors and pitfalls in developing effective and sustainable TBT capacity building. 



Options for a future regulatory framework for trade in services and customs and trade procedures between the EU and the UK

Movement of Data

Report: Data Flows - A Fifth Freedom for the Internal Market?

Almost all transactions involve the movement of data at some point and our economies are relying on a smooth and free flow of data.

Single Market

The building of the EU-Commission, Brussels, symbolizing the Internal Market Report: The Effects of the Single Market

What are the effects of the Single Market on the free movements of goods, services, capital and persons?

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