The National Board of Trade publishes a number of reports in a wide range of trade related issues. The reports can be downloaded free of charge.

  1. February 2013 | Publications | English

    The Analogue Country Method in Anti-Dumping Investigations

    According to the EU anti-dumping regulation, the calculation of dumping for companies in a non-market economy should be based on values from an analogue country. In this brief, the National Board of Trade discusses some weaknesses with the current analogue country method, and suggests amendments on how the Regulation could be improved in order to address them.

  2. February 2013 | Publications | English

    Minecraft Brick by Brick

    A Case Study of a Global Services Value Chain

    The video game industry is a fast-growing and export-intensive sector. The sector is heavily dependent upon innovation and R&D and is today based on an ever increasing digitalisation —both of production and distribution. Technological developments have created opportunities for splitting up the production of video games and spreading the tasks internationally.

  3. January 2013 | Publications | English

    Global Value Chains and Services

    - An Introduction

    Global value chains (GVCs) is one of the most important factors shaping international trade today. A global value chain includes the full range of activities that firms undertake to bring a product or service from its conception to its end-use by final consumers. These activities include design, production, marketing and support. A separate but closely related phenomenon is that of servicification, whereby manufacturing firms increasingly buy, produce, sell and export services as integrated or accompanying parts of their primary offer. 

  4. January 2013 | Publications | English

    The Shipping Clause in Trade Defence Investigations

    Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures enter into force the day after they are publically announced. This makes it difficult for importers to plan their business activities, as months may pass between placing an order and customs clearance. This brief explains why the European Commission's proposal on the shipping clause, in certain ways, fails to solve the importers' situation and suggests how the proposal could be improved in order to address these weaknesses.

  5. November 2012 | Publications | English

    Everybody is in Services

    – The Impact of Servicification in Manufacturing on Trade and Trade Policy

    This report focuses on developments in Sweden, but servicification is on-going in other countries as well, especially, but not only, higher income economies. Services are necessary for any firm seeking to take advantage of global value chains and to move up these chains to capture more value. Firms may use and produce services both as responses to outside factors and as a part of their competitiveness strategy.

  6. November 2012 | Publications | English

    Handling Services Trade Policy

    - the Swedish Experience

    Many government officials working with trade in services express similar challenges, such as the lack of reliable data, the challenges of coordinating national ministries and the need for dialogue with the private sector and other interest groups.

  7. November 2012 | Publications | English

    Potential Effects from an EU–US Free Trade Agreement – Sweden in Focus

    In this study the National Board of Trade analyses potential economic effects from a free trade agreement (FTA) between the EU and the US, with a particular focus on the effects on Sweden. The analysis is based on an economic simulation model over the world economy.

  8. October 2012 | Publications | English

    The Internal Market in a Global Context

    The openness to trade in the internal market has undoubtedly contributed to growth within the EU and towards making it an attractive trading partner in global trade. However, the benefits of an open market do not stop at the EU external border.

  9. October 2012 | Publications | English

    Sweden’s Work with SPS-related Export Barriers

    – A guide for Swedish Embassies on exports of processed food and agricultural products

    In cooperation with a number of government agencies, the Swedish National Board of Trade launched a practical handbook describing how Sweden works with SPS-related export barriers at the start of 2012. This report is also available in Swedish

  10. September 2012 | Publications | English

    How Borderless is the Cloud?

    - An introduction to cloud computing

    Over the past few decades, the digital development has fundamentally changed the way in which we communicate trade and conduct business. Data is transferred over the internet at ever-increasing speeds and the demand for information regardless of time and place is constantly increasing, at the same rate as technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A term which has appeared on the covers of all IT magazines in recent years is "cloud computing".

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