Production and trade will change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The world is entering an era of rapid digital technological development where every industry in almost every country will be affected. Companies are changing their production. In this report, the National Board of Trade Sweden, shows how this development will affect international trade.

Magnus Rentzhog, you have written the report – what is it about?Porträttbild på Magnus Rentzhog

– It is about the rapid development of technology that has begun and how it will affect what companies produce, how they do it and where they choose to locate their production. Changed production, in turn, means that trade changes – what we trade and with whom. We give an overview of new trends in production processes, such as the automation of physical and digital processes, and how these trends will change trade.

What is the purpose of this report?

– We want to show that what we know about trade will change. We cannot say how trade will change but it will change. What we trade will change, those who participate in trade will change, how trade flows will change. This is important to understand in order to be able to develop trade policy that is adapted to how trade actually works and will develop.

What are the most interesting conclusions?

– There is a fundamental question in trade policy: what does your country trade? The answer to this question will change. We cannot say exactly how and that is not the important thing. The important thing is to understand that the answer to the question will change.

What do you hope to achieve with the report?

– I hope that the report contributes to discussions about how trade rules need to develop to fit the new world we live in.

The report

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Changing trade as we know it


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