Free movement for EU citizens

Income or sufficient means and health insurance after three months

If you want to stay in Sweden for more than three months, you need, according to EU law, to either:

  • work or
  • look for work or
  • have enough money to support yourself and have comprehensive health insurance.

EEA and Switzerland

Also citizens from the EEA member states Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are covered by the EU rules on free movement of persons. Swiss citizens need to apply for a residence permit at the Migration Agency.

Family members from outside the EU

If an EU or an EEA citizen has family members from countries outside the EU they are also covered by EU rules on free movement of persons. However, they must apply for a residence card at the Migration Agency.

Long term residents

Citizens from countries outside of the EU who have acquired status as long term residents in an EU country have the right to move to another EU country if they have enough money to support themselves and a comprehensive health insurance. They must apply for a residence permit within three months.

Equal treatment

Within the EU, any discrimination made on the grounds of nationality is prohibited. This means that EU and EEA citizens, Swiss citizens, EU citizens´ family members from countries outside the EU, and persons with status as long term residents, will be treated the same as Swedish nationals, for example when it comes to jobs and education.

Regarding employment

All EU citizens have the right to take employment in another EU member state, in accordance with the laws and provisions of that member state. The EU citizen must then be given the same working conditions as the workers of that member state, for example regarding remuneration. The EU citizen is also entitled the same tax and social advantages given to the workers of that member state, and the same rights and benefits in matters of housing.

There are exceptions to the general rule of free movement of workers. For example, linguistic requirements may be posed for some positions, and the EU member states may reserve certain public-sector positions for their own nationals.

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Have you encountered problems within the EU? Contact SOLVIT!

If you have a troubles getting your rights recognized by a Swedish agency, authority, county administrative board or municipality, you can report it to SOLVIT.

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