On the EU's internal market, movement is free

The EU's internal market is characterised by the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital. The Board of Trade, Sweden's internal market authority, shall strive to see to it that free movement works well.

Helps businesses and individuals with the freedom of movement

Within the EU – in all member countries – there are several functions and administrative procedures which should be helpful for businesses and citizens, as well as the freedom of movement. Several of these are at or are coordinated by The Board of Trade:

  • Via the Solvit network, we help citizens and businesses to resolve problems encountered due to EU law not being applied properly
  • The point of contact for services helps businesses with national regulations for service operations
  • The point of contact for products helps companies with national product regulations
  • We coordinate submissions on other countries' proposals for new technical product regulations – something everyone has the opportunity to submit

Provides support regarding EU rights to the government and relevant authorities

The Board of Trade reviews the authorities' proposals for new national regulations and their decisions to stop goods on the internal market.

The National Board of Trade serves as an investigative authority to the Cabinet Office for matters relating to the EU and the internal market, and we participate in various workgroups and committees within the EU where such issues are addressed.

National Board of Trade, P.O. Box 6803, SE-113 86 Stockholm. 
Visiting Address: Drottninggatan 89. 
Phone: +46 8 690 48 00     Fax: +46 8 30 67 59


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