Global value chains and servicification

International trade is changing. Goods and services are increasingly broken up into tasks and traded in global value chains. Exports are to a large extent made up of imports. Another important development is the “servicification” of manufacturing, which means that manufacturing industries buy, produce and sell more and more services.

These changes also have important implications for trade policy. Which policies can best promote open and free trade in view of these new business models? What should be the focus of an agency like ours, and how should trade negotiations respond? The National Board of Trade has contributed to this debate in a number of reports, looking at different aspects of the new trading landscapes. 

Our reports:

Servicification on the Internal Market – a regulatory perspective.
The case of customisation by 3D printing.

Trade Costs of Visas and Work Permits - a Trade Facilitation Perspective on Movement of Persons

No Transfer, No Production– a Report on Cross-border Data Transfers, Global Value Chains, and the Production of Goods

Making Green Trade Happen

No transfer, no trade - the Importance of Cross-Border Data Transfers for Companies Based in Sweden

Global Value Chains and Developing Countries - an introduction

Just Add Services – a case study on servicification and the agri-food sector

Global Value Chains and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Minecraft Brick by Brick – A Case Study of a Global Services Value Chain 

Global Value Chains and Services – An Introduction

Everybody is in Services - The Impact of Servification in Manufacturing on Trade and Trade Policy

Business Reality and Trade Policy – Closing the Gap

Made in Sweden?

Servicification of Swedish manufacturing

At Your Service

Adding value to the European economy

Global Value Chains in EU Anti-Dumping Practice

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