Administration of import and export licences

The National Board of Trade is the competent body in Sweden for handling EU import and export licences for industrial goods.

The National Board of Trade is handling EU import licences for iron and steel products.

Applying for a licence

You apply via an application form (in Swedish). If you need help filling it out, send us an e-mail to and we will assist you. You also need to send us an invoice and a packing list of what you intend to import.

There is no need for a licence if the net weight is less than 2 500 kg.

The rules are common for all EU member states. The National Board of Trade can also issue an import licence valid in any other EU member state.

National Board of Trade, P.O. Box 6803, SE-113 86 Stockholm. 
Visiting Address: Drottninggatan 89. 
Phone: +46 8 690 48 00     Fax: +46 8 30 67 59


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